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Intuitive Readings


"Through metaphor and nuanced real-life detail, Jill read the layers of my energy field. It felt like an intimately guided journey through each of my energy (chakra)centers. So much of what I knew and felt about myself at this time in my life was totally validated by her insights and the details she shared that were beyond my conscious awareness really resonated as true. This experience brought an incredible sense of relief and release. The next day I felt something within me had dissolved and reorganized in a new way…..transformed. 

Jill’s natural ability to “see beyond” may be accredited to her artist roots but her dedicated practice and study helped her grow into the caring, skilled intuitive she is today."

Jackie Pelosi-Harris

“Jill has been a beacon of light in my life, offering clarity and magic through her unique blend of clairvoyance, artistry, and deep intuition. Her connection to nature and her ability to harness its healing powers have profoundly impacted me, guiding me towards a path of self-discovery and peace. Through Jill's creative and intuitive insights, and unique coaching method, I've found a newfound sense of clarity and purpose, feeling more aligned with my true self than ever before. Her gifted approach has not only healed but also inspired me, making her a true spiritual mentor on my journey.”

Ana Stojanovic

"Jill has given me such wonderful insight! Her abilities as an artist provide vision and symbolism that reflect the core of what I'm searching for. Her readings are so personally on point I have been left with many happy tears. She doesn't judge or pursuade, yet gives clear options in MY way. Her willingness to keep looking at possibilities has greatly helped me to take steps into the life I really want. Jill is able to see right into the matter at heart without force, giving readings that are kind while also clarifying."


Sabiah Sogard

Jill Woyt is a gifted intuitive. Her authentic appreciation and respect for the natural world comes through in each of her readings. She sees and speaks with a grounded energy, which is important for me because we often work on highly charged topics. Each time I leave a reading with Jill I have more of an understanding of myself. Highly recommended this wonderful human. 

Rachel Davidson

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