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Artist Jill Woyt

Living in Big Sur with giant condors, whales, mountain lions and many beautiful creatures against a backdrop of majestic mountains and ancient forest, I am convinced that nature and animals are what make life magical. They are the fabric that connect us to the divine. This truth for me is so powerful that I have dedicated my life to expressing this through my art.


My life has been filled with magical moments when animals have shown up for me as potent symbols at a times of such coincidence that they couldn’t be ignored. It started at the age of 11 when I did my first oil painting of a tiger which I would later realize is a powerful symbol of passion.  

As I have pursued my passion for conveying this magic, I have been affirmed by sold out shows, letters from people sharing this connection, and many others that have shown up to help open doors for me on this path. My favorite medium is oil paint but I also have begun falling in love with sculpting redwood. Creating animal and nature art will be a lifelong pursuit for me to share with the world.


For more about Jill, here's a recent interview with VoyageLA!


I am convinced that nature and animals are what make life magical.

- Jill Woyt

First Oil Painting, Age 11




Pfeiffer web.jpg

Let's Connect

Interested in a custom piece?  I am available to work with you in-person or remotely. 


Shop on-line or locally in Big Sur at: 

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Big Sur, CA 93920

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